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Grass Hay 3X3X8  weighing about 750-800 lbs 

Grass Hay weighing around 65-70 lbs

Egg Maker (Pellets and Crumbles) 50 lbs

4Way   50 lbs

3Way   50 lbs

Corn   (whole, flaked and cracked) 50 lbs

Oats (whole and flaked)    50 lbs

Whole Milo     50 lbs

Whole Wheat  50 lbs

Alfalfa Pellets 50 lbs 

Hen Scratch  50 lbs

Barley (whole and flaked)  50 lbs

Gamebird Feeds (starter/grower and finisher) 50lbs

Goat Feeds 50 lbs

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 40 and 50 lbs

Pigeon Feeds and Grit (Excello)

Block Salt (white, iodized, trace)  50 lbs and 3 lbs

Loose mineral  50 lbs

Wood Shavings

Straw hay (as available)

Custom mix feeds available 

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